Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Waves are coming!!!!

It's been awhile since I've blogged about my latest styles and new products. I've worn my hair up in a bun for a month; don't be sarcastic; April washed my hair biwkly, smile. I must say, given my work schedule and kids social calendar, having it up really helps. I'm using Avocado oil and Nature's Fast Grow by B's and it's great. My hair isn't oily but its really soft. My "good hair" is really coming through, drum roll, my natural hair is officially at 3" long. Seven months of no relaxer, time really does fly by. Darlene, myself and hopefully have decided not to cut our hair until Dec. of this year. That will be 17 months of transition, there's no turning back now. Ladies we can do this.... I look for small things to help me along this journey, the below picture is a small ball of hair that I shed after 2 weeks in a bun, that's exciting. My hair isn't shedding, this Avocado oil, is "magic" to my pores. The below pictures are from my appointment on Jan. 22nd, things are looking wavy.

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  1. Within my blog, I forgot to add April, hopefully she waits to cut hair with Darlene and myself until Dec of this year.